How we Redux Part 2 (Project Setup)

Just continuing along the Redux train!


Why not already using Meteor 1.3 ? AFAIK module system changes so much and your tuts are about concepts so I think it will be better to have the 1.3 concepts.
Anyway thank u so much for your tuts and waiting to read more.

I think it would be a good idea to update the post for Meteor 1.3 once it hits RC. Atm it is still in Early Beta and there’s a warning that it could have major breaking changes at anytime so… besides, it’s fairly trivial to swap out meteorhacks:npm for imports.

I just had to read a bit further on part 3:
For now, we’ll keep it the current way of doing things in Meteor and I’ll update this section when 1.3 comes out.

Yeah! I will update everything with modules once I have an RC of 1.3!

@abhiaiyer thanks for writing, really interesting! Just started with Meteor, and this seems the right direction to me.
Have an issue with require (is not defined) following your instructions, hope you can help out!

After adding cosmos:browserify explicitly it worked, strange since the react package installed it implicitly too?

On a fresh project, I ran into this issue. I’m gonna add to add it explicitly