How would I go about adding a Wordpress blog alongside my Meteor app (no direct integration)?

Let’s say the main URL is and I want to have a wordpress powered blog in How would I go about achieving this setup?

Probably will have to manually install Wordpress via DO, but not sure if there is an existing tutorial for this type of case.

All you need to do is install WordPress or get a hosted WordPress blog, and then set up your DNS records.

can’t be this easy? so I can just install Wordpress on a separate IP and just link it to the same URL?

I literally just answered this, lucky you.

You can also install it on the same server and use a reverse proxy (e.g. nginx can do that).


To which I would add, if using Galaxy for hosting the Meteor app while also employing a reverse proxy, to have a look at this: Reverse proxy with nginx + app on Galaxy

Not a meteor question. Try wordpress forums or stackoverflow

A subdomain is effectively a separate domain. is one domain is another.

Which reminds me, using a reverse proxy has the additional advantage of not having to mess with DNS (and then wait for hours for the changes to propagate). You can then still put stuff on several servers, do load-balancing and all.

It has the downside, however, that everything arrives at the proxy-server first.