How would you aggregate many OAuth profiles of the same User (person) into the same user (DB object)?


A typical app can use OAuth to sign in and sign up, say from facebook, Google, LinkedIn, twitter, etc.

If you want to give the users those 4 options for example, what would you do later to aggregate that into one user in the DB so the app recognises the user from whatever OAuth service that might have used to sign in?


Is this what you’re looking for?

Meteor package to meld user accounts registered with the same email address, or simply associate many different 3rd-party login services with the same user account.


I used
worked out pretty well


Thank you @paryguy @xumx
Anxious to test those!


Nice. Do you know how this is different to accounts meld , because accounts meld is kind of the official one isnt it? The accounts core guide links to accounts meld this is why i am thinking accounts meld will be the recommended one. Thanks