How would you structure this development flow with Meteor and packages? Styleguide/Component lib

Right now we have an app that is our styleguide and it is a meteor app with SCSS that includes Blaze templates that act as “wrapper components” for html structure.

So something like:


How would I take this app, and then load it into another Meteor app to use the components that are built?

I tried to throw package.js in that meteor-styleguide into meteor-yourotherapp as a private package through MRT and that worked, but having package.js in meteor-styleguide is causing that app to break (probably because package.js shouldn’t be a top-level file like that and there is no way to ignore it).

So the only thing I can think of is to split the styleguide into it’s own package, but then that’s potentially 3 different repositories to keep code up to date. This would be annoying for developer workflow.

Any tips on how to make this streamlined?

Move your reusable components into private Meteor packages (can be one repository with one package for each component). Then use to install those packages in you apps.