Howto make (Android) Cordova app use https server connection


With command

meteor build …/MyApp-build

and then jarsigner and zipalign I am creating my android apk file. Should this work to connect to my secure (https) deployment server? Or is this trying (and failing) to make a non-secure connection to the server https port? I can’t get it to work so any suggestions would be very welcome!

cheers, Eric

I think meteor build ../MyApp-build --server= should work.

Oke, thanks.

I could find it in the guide and I remember I tried it a couple of month ago when it didn’t work for me. But perhaps that had to do with my https certificates. I will report back here with the results…

Bedankt Martijn.


It is indeed working now. When I used ‘mup deploy’ to the server however the running version showed a white screen for a minute or so at which point I restarted the app and it was back to the previous version (from the playstore). So it appears my tablet was to slow to be within the allowed timeout and it reverted to the known working version. I will start using the reload_on_resume package

If startup indeed takes more than 20 seconds (the default timeout), you can change this by setting WebAppStartupTimeout to a different value (in milliseconds). See the mobile guide.