Howto publish an iCal (.ics) feed? Using Angular-Meteor


In my meteor app i have a calendar feature where users can add events. I would like to have an url where users can subsribe to an ics feed (read file). There are several ics creating libs for meteor. But how can i server the file eg: /events/feed.ics or something.

I am using angular meteor!! no iron router!

thanks for suggestions.


Did you find a solution?


+1 I want. Please post if you have a solution.


Really though, @dotob – you ever figure out how to publish an .ics feed in Meteor?


Use one of the server-side routing packages to set up an endpoint and deliver the appropriate mime-encoded content.

Look into simple:rest, nimble:restivus, centiq:crud.


could you give us some extra info about the right mime-encoded to set?


text/calendar, according to Google.