Howto sendt a variable to a function?


Howto sendt a (categoryId) variable to function getyears?

I’m looping some categories:
category: ‘running’ -> running have to be the categoryId from the list i’m looping.

Birthday: id: 1
Running: id: 2
Mtb: id:3

export default {
meteor: {
function getyears() {
return Events.find({ category: ‘running’ })

In my loop i have thecat.categoryId

<v-card v-if="catId =="  v-for="thecat in getcats" :key="thecat._id">
<span class="grey-light pt-3 mt-3">
   <select v-model="thisYear">
     <option v-for='(value, key) in getyears' :value='key'>{{key}} - {{value}} gang(e)</option>

try to use vue-methods and call the method like this:

     return (......)