Http package is deprecated but still used in meteortesting:mocha@2.0.3

I saw on the doc that http package is deprecated but there is still a reference to this package in meteortesting:mocha

Should we do something ?

├── ecmascript@0.16.0 (top level)             
├─┬ http@1.4.4                                
│ ├── modules@0.17.0 (expanded above)         
│ └── url@1.3.2 (expanded above)              
├─┬ meteortesting:browser-tests@1.3.4         
│ └── ecmascript@0.16.0 (top level)           
└─┬ meteortesting:mocha-core@8.1.2            
  └── ecmascript@0.16.0 (top level)

I think opening up a PR would be the best way. @storyteller and Meteor community packages is in charge of managing it now so accepting PRs would be of no problem.

meteortesting:mocha definitely needs a lot of work as it still uses old dependencies so any bit of update would help.

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It is on my long list of things to get to and upgrade. If anyone wants to help with this and upgrade it to fetch I would much appreciate it.

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I can help out with reviews but have currently not much time for implementation