httpProxy.createProxyServer is not a function

throw error;

TypeError: httpProxy.createProxyServer is not a function
at Proxy.start (C:\tools\runners\run-proxy.js:40:28)
at Runner.start (C:\tools\runners\run-all.js:119:16)
at (C:\tools\runners\run-all.js:322:10)
at Command.doRunCommand [as func] (C:\tools\cli\commands.js:360:17)
at C:\tools\cli\main.js:1410:23

I need help solving this problem if anyone has a solution please let me know.

I have read a forum article on this previously and tried the implied solutions. I am running on windows server 2008 and no matter what I do I keep running into this error. I have even had to install manually using the TAR file because I couldn’t get it to uninstall. I am just trying to go through the tutorial but I can’t get past just creating the working folder.

I could really use some help with this I can not get Meteor to work on my machine. Any help greatly appreciated.

Had the exact same issue, its due to meteor finding an old version of http-proxy where that function does not exist yet.

If your not sure where, one way to find where exactly is to navigate to:


line 38 should contain:

var httpProxy = require(‘http-proxy’);

straight after that line write something that calls the old API like:

var s = httpProxy.createServer();

run the server again using meteor and the stacktrace should now show the path of where it is loading the old module from.

In my case it was a node_modules folder in my User directory.

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Hey thanks,

We ended up just creating a vm to run the meteor off of. But it’s good to
know there is a solution. I’ll try it out when I have some time and let
you know if it works.

I had the same problem as you, meteor was using node_modules folder in my user directory.
I renamed the folder as a temporary fix and meteor works now.

Thank you so much! I found that my stack trace also reference to a library in my node modules in my users directory, and I had to temporarily rename it like the user above.

the definitive solution is:

remove folder “http-proxy” under c:\users\username\node_modules