Https get not working in Android app, how to debug?

I maintain several Meteor-based apps. For two, I use

HTTP.get(url, function(err,result)…

to import data from a server, over https, on the client. For one app, this works fine, in the browser, and when packaging apps for iOS and Android, on those platforms. For the other, this works fine in the browser and for iOS, but, it seems, not for Android: data is never picked up (though in the browser, on Android, it works fine).

How can I determine why this is happening? (Or better yet, why is this happening?)

When I connect my Android device to my Mac and use Chrome to debug, it seems that with “chrome://inspect/” I can only actually inspect what happens in a browser on my device, not in an app.
So, how do I debug this app on Android?

As an aside, in mobile-config.js I added


but that was not necessary for the other app, and does not make a difference for the one that has the problem.

How to proceed?

Edit: Without doing anything, the problematic app decided to be able to connect, once. To, then again, fail continuously. Now, tapping any button or link in the app freezes the app.

How to debug this?