Hybrid App or Sexy reactive CSS Skins?

Have reached beta status with a native meteor app and now want to upgrade the mobile experience. Am considering a couple of different things:

  1. We could simply enhance our reactive CSS such the site renders more appropriately for small screens / mobile browsers.
  2. If I understand the Ionic, Angular2, NativeScript options what we could do is basically re-write at least part of our site in these tools.

My thought is 2. would be a better user experience, but I’m afraid of how much re-write this would be. Few concerning unknowns for me:

  • would this be a totally new project? or could I just add files to our existing one (presuming there’d be benefit of code re-use that way?)
  • if not in the same project it sounds like will have to spin up a separate data interface layer (DDP / Asteroid?) to connect to the same mongo instance? (and then sorting that out when deployed to Heroku!)

I’m sure this is the type of thing lots of folks have tackled. My ask is are there any approaches to this that folks have used that were easy / good results?


  • Tewks

just found this post: Different interfaces based on devices? but I’m still looking for weighing in on which is the better approach?