Hybrid App Project: monolithic vs. divided, semantic ui vs framework7

Hi, we are right to start with a new project and have discovered some upcoming requirements.

The main question / decision is which UI framework would we take: Last time we developed with materilizecss but had some performance issues on mobile devices (in conjunction with swipe and tap events). In addition, this time we have to produce “native” looking front-ends for ios and android. The web-client interface should get a materialize look&feel. Currently we cut it for us to semantic ui or framework7

Q: What kind of UI framework do you suggest?

For the architecture we were talking / discussing about having a monolithic app for all requirements, clients and devices and divide special parts to the devices by packages and the build process. As an alternative we do some tests in dividing the app for functions and devices into (micro)services and using DDP and the package meteorhacks:cluster

What do you think about the architecture – Monolithic or divide the app into (micro)services?

Thanks for some feedback and experience reports.


A number of arguments for UI framework are given also in this thread: