Hybrid Minecraft Server with Meteor Interface

Hello Community!

Since I discovered meteor, things have changed a lot. And my pilot project called “Creaft.NET” got a lot advancements, while coding it nearly the last three years. Many different developement stages were done and I worked hard to get a working copy of my “Minecraft Server of the Future”.

First Problem was the server software itself. I didn’t want to use Bukkit/Spigot or any other modded “server.jar” so I used the vanilla one, which I was studying over a long time… It took more time than my friends could offer, so now I’m mostly playing alone.

But i already implemented a large part of the functions wich includes:

  • Server management using child processes
  • Real-Time Market
  • Terminal as Chat
  • Online-Inventory
  • Experience Bank
  • Library (like a forums)
  • Community & Property for land claim

Now I’d like to send a friendly invite to help me shaping this project until I will open source it later this year.
Want to have a look? www.Creaft.NET


Very cool site! A little boring without mods though maybe.
But the server-only mods were not so impressive anyway, what I really liked in Minecraft were the full featured mods, though it’s difficult to get everyone to download and install them of course.

Well, thanks for the reply!

I already wrote “mods” which improve the gameplay by features like an online inventory and market.
Selling those Items and getting rich is kinda fun! You can also create Communitys and team up with your Friends, buy Property, write Books or chat with your Ingame-Friends just from the website.

And I can easily update the server.jar after Mojang brings out a new version. I must not wait for any mod to get updated! And thanks to the Minecraft Commands, I always discovered a work around to get wished functions work.

*I’m preparing a demonstration in the meantime!