Hyperscript vs JSX

Interesting article here.

Is anyone using Hyperscript instead of JSX in Meteor?

But many prefer JSX including a bunch of top React contributors.

JSX is just enough templating for React still preserving the essence of JS.


I think everyone says the same thing that at first JSX looks horrible and confusing, but like everyone else after a short period it seems great!

Hyperscript looks good too, less verbose and it looks like it would be much easier for syntax highlighters :stuck_out_tongue:

So basically, it’s Jade flavour of JSX? Is this one something that a broader community of people use? Because I’ve seen quite a few articles about implementing such a thing, but none of them had userbase to back it up.

I’d be interested if this one actually does.

Sadly it still doesn’t look as nice as Jade. There are some [ and , that are really unnecessary.