I am looking for a company with developers on Meteor to create a joint business.

I am looking for a company with developers on Meteor to create a joint business.
There is an online service for creating slide shows for Smart TVs. The service allows you to use a regular TV in the field of digital signage. Developed by 80% and tested in the Russian-speaking segment of the network.
Interested in bringing this project to countries with developed economies and high penetration of the Internet (USA, England, Israel, Turkey, France, Germany, etc.).

To do this, I am looking for a company that has the following resources:
At least two developers on Meteor with high work experience. Difficult project.
A legal entity for accepting payments and the entire legal component of the service in your country.
Someone on staff who speaks Russian. Unfortunately, my knowledge of English is not enough for normal communication.
It is desirable to have on staff or the ability to order the services of a webmaster and developer of applications for Smart TVs in the language of the country in which the project is being launched.

Approximate scheme of work.
I buy a domain in your respective country - zone and transfer the domain and the existing service code under a lease agreement or something like that.
Your team translates the service into the language of the country in which you work and localizes a part of the service functionality for it. For example, in the exchange rate widget, display rates not at the central bank of the Russian Federation, but at the rate of the central bank of your country.
Further, a system of payment for the use of the service is being introduced with the connection of your legal entity.
Then, we translate the existing slide show templates, instructions for using the service and start.
Profit is divided depending on the initial costs.

All points are debatable. In general, I tested the idea of my startup in the Russian-speaking market, but I do not have enough competence to make it international. To do this, I am looking for partners in different countries with good experience working on Meteor.

Sorry for the quality of the text. I use a translator.
I do not give a link to the service, so as not to be considered an advertisement. All the details will be thrown in a personal, with your interest. However, if this does not violate the rules of the forum, I will be happy to post everything in this thread and answer all the questions that I can understand through a translator.

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" The EU has also prohibited the sale, supply, transfer and export of euro-denominated banknotes to Russia. The aim is to limit access to cash in euro by the Russian government, its Central Bank and natural or legal persons in Russia with a view to preventing the circumvention of sanctions."

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Yes, this is also a problem.
I hope that the war will end soon and there will be no harsh sanctions for individuals.
While everything starts, it will be configured.
If everything goes really bad, then my part can be spent on advertising the service, until the sanctions are lifted. Or think of something else.