I am newbie and do not understand first step of start


I just started running my website and decided using Telescopeapps, Heroku and Meteor all together.

In documentation of Telescopeapp mentions open Command Promt and type
It does not work…

I of course downloaded and installed meteor.
How can I start?

Thank you,


[rant deleted :expressionless: ]
Please provide the specific console output after you run meteor.


It says, ‘meteor’ is not recognized as an intenrnal or external command, operable program or batch file.
I typed meteor on Command Prompt, C:\users\user>


Your Meteor command is not on the path.

Confirm that the executable is somewhere on your machine and then ensure its on the PATH.


did you install meteor?


guys, I think I kinda figured out.
I restart my computer after install meteor and
run Command Prompt, typed meteor.
it says now
run: You’re not in a Meteor project directory.
To create a new meteor project:
meteor create

I can follow direction now.

Thank you for concern