I can't connect Apollo to meteor accounts

Code for Client : here
Code for Server : here

I’m trying to connect Apollo graphql to meteor account but it won’t please meteor community I need your help

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First recommendation, update to the latest version of Apollo and take a look at the Apollo starter skeleton in Meteor. :wink:

Thanks, but I’m using the latest version

And what’s the starter skeleton tho

meteor create --apollo

You are using a lot of packages that have been deprecated and moved under @apollo/client

Thanks man, I;ve don’e it but still, I can’t access user and userId :sleepy:

I’m using `swydo/ddp-apollo’, and in my resolvers, I can do for example:

        myResolver: (parent, args, context) => {
            const userid = context.userId;
            const userData = Meteor.user();

Does this work with your architecture by any chance?

Ok thanks, I’ll do that, and I’m using http by the way

I’ve Kinda tried it, when I console.log userId, it returns undefined even the user too, when it should give me the logged in user’s Id