I consider 1.6 as being in beta today


While I really like the 1.6 changes in theory, I still consider it a beta, looking at the number of issues on github and my personal findings (SSR problems…).

I personally believe all efforts should be made to get the stability back and fix bugs before moving on a new version.

I don’t really like the changes made to windows version, especially the fact we now have to use chocolatey…

By the way if I want to install Meteor 1.5.x on a new Windows machine, how would I do it with chocolatey since MDG removed the old installer entirely ?

Meteor is so good, I just don’t want it to lose quality now. I planned to use it in the near future and all these changes made life harder (too many issues, setup to change…) so I just assumed we are in Beta and got back on 1.5.x which works well for me, waiting for the stability to come back on 1.6.


I mean no disrespect here at all, but in my personal experience I have found many aspects of development to be much easier on *nix based systems. Not trying to start a flame war, I understand that many have personal preferences that lead them towards Windows, but just sharing my experience for what has led me personally to a more stable development cycle


Agreed. If you work with Meteor fulltime, it’s worth switching to Mac or Linux. Better stability and faster build times in my experience.

Btw, in regards to old versions, you should be able to get them by just editing the .meteor/release file in your project, and it’ll be fetched from Atmosphere.


Sorry to hear @antoninadert! While we try to make sure each Meteor release is as bug free as possible, unfortunately issues do sometimes come up. Which GitHub issues in particular are you having problems with? I know you’ve reported 2 issues recently - 9297 and 9454. In 9297 we’re waiting for some form of runnable reproduction to help move the troubleshooting process forward, and 9297 was just opened (6 hours ago) so we haven’t had a chance to get to it yet (I promise to take a look shortly!). Are there other issues that are holding you back from using Meteor 1.6?

One of the biggest advantages using Chocolatey brings to the table is the fact that Meteor’s Windows installation process is now fully open source and available via the http://github.com/meteor/meteor-chocolatey-installer repo. Everything is written using PowerShell scripts, and PR’s can now be submitted quite easily to the installer repo. The old Meteor installer worked quite well in most cases, but it was unfortunately very difficult to maintain / keep up to date. The installer source itself was not available to community members, meaning there were a few barriers in place that prevented the progression of the installer (not to mention it was C++ based). Short story shorter - if you have any suggestions for improving the new installation process, please open an issue over in the Meteor Chocolatey repo.

Chocolately can do this - see: Installing a specific version of Meteor

Agreed! :slight_smile:


Sometimes it is not a personal preference. If you are in restrictive corporation you can only use windows and only programs they approve, sometimes you might not even get admin rights on your machine.

Other than that I agree with you.


Just to add a pinch of salt, the biggest problem on 1.6 was the SSR performance issue.

I tried it on MacOS and Windows and can confirm it is not windows specific


If you work in that kind of an environment you probably have much bigger problems than your OS.


Many big companies like mine emphasize on Windows and you just can’t ignore them when you build something like Meteor