I created updated docker image for meteor 1.11 for mup deployment

Hey guys, recently we updated our app to meteor 1.11. And we use mup for deployment. But as i can see, that @abernix/meteord was not updated to 12.18.3.

So i created the docker image for the deployment. We tested it and it is working. You guys can use it until @abernix update his official docker.




I am curious, such a great work, why no one thumb up and comments, is the number of people using mup is very small, or do they use it silently but not like it

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Yes, this is very helpful work !
I use Meteor UP but I’m still on 1.10.2 now, but many thanx to @emjimadhu.

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I dont know about the first point “is the number of people using mup is very small”.

But for the later, if someone else find a bug or deployment issue with my docker build. They can raise an issue in my repo


I even created a PR in abernic 's repo, they can report it there too.


Using the previous image for 1.10 works fine as well. But great work emjimadhu

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Has been successfully deployed, thanks for sharing

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@emjimadhu 1.11.1 Has been upgraded to 12.18.4, it seems that it will be upgraded again, Will it affect the change of a small version? Can we continue to use 12.18.3, because 12.18.4 has not been updated yet

I belive it wont affect. For some clarification, i am not working on the company where we used meteor. So i cant test it. Thanks.

I have updated My repo, PR on @abernix repo and Docker image to use Meteor 1.11.1 and node 12.18.4. Thanks.