I don't see local mongo db and it's not syncing across browsers


I’ve just installed latest version of meteor and ran it.

What I noticed is:

  1. The default page has Click Me button. When I click on browser it doesn’t sync with another browser. I. e. it should show same number of click for any browser

  2. Accessing meteor mongo it doesn’t contain any other db except local

Any idea what went wrong?


I’m using Mac OS El-Captain.
I noticed it’s not saving number of clicks into mongodb.
When I refresh browser, it resets number to 0.

I am not sure the default app contains any collection feature. Am I wrong ?
As I remember it is just an example for binding template to reactive var.

Thanks for reply. Any idea why it wasn’t change browser vies in realtime on another browser when I click on 1st one?

This might not address your problem, but for others referencing this issue, with the new Mongo WiredTiger storage engine, Robomongo needs to be v0.9+ to access it. v0.8 will not work.