I have 3 problems

first of all iam asp.net web developer around 10 yrs exp, recently shifted to meteor, done coding and now trying to host app, i have dedicated server centos

1)now how do i keep my meteor app running, now i have to do ssh and go into that folder and type meteor, if i close that ssh, app goes down

2)plesae check http://lovenmarrymails.com
u can signup with my gmail id softwareeng27@gmail.com, passw amin1234
it gives internal server, cannot figure out what it is

3)also giving websockets failed error
i added this setting in nginx conf

but it still now working

You have installed your development code into production. When you deploy a Meteor app (to production) there is no meteor to run - you have a pure nodejs app at that point. Check meteor-up for an easy way to deploy your app to your own server (currently not CentOS).

For CentOS, you could look at this blog, which may help.

you can check the logs on your server by using:

meteor logs yourapp.url.com

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