I have an app idea. Its working but

… the problem I face is ultimately being able to build for iOS and Android.

The main app is an “app-builder” type of app, where people can select “modules” they want to include, say, an about us page, a contact form, an articles page, a map, a quote page (allowing image upload - hey can you fix this?) etc.

No code required from the client point of view, just drag modules to the app builder surface.

This is working ok so far (I love Meteor!) but now I find myself with a dilemma.

How to build an ipa and apk for both iOS and Android when code is pushed to a repo?

I’ve setup Jenkins on my iMac, and have googled for how to get it to trigger a build, but that seems to involve Bitbucket/Github webhooks calling my local iMac at home, at a public url - which probably isn’t the best idea moving forward.

Amazon can’t provide Mac OS images, so that’s out.

I know about Meteor build machines, but that seems to be for packages only - not an entire app?

(I do have a Meteor developer account)

Thanks for reading this far - any thoughts on how I could progress this would be very much appreciated.