I have problem when run webRTC app on android device ? any help please?

I use WebRTC using Meteor & PeerJS :smile:
when I run App on android device it is look like


Checking out the compatibility table…it looks like that it’s not supported until Android L:

Maybe you can use this PhoneGap integration: https://github.com/alongubkin/phonertc

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thanks for Reply
but phonertc ( Cordova project )
I need something work on meteor

Sorry, what do you mean by ‘but phonertc’?

Cordova/PhoneGap should work with Meteor.

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You have three choices:

  1. Use at least Android Lollipop on the device
  2. Use a Cordova plugin built for WebRTC
  3. Replace the standard Webview by Crosswalk, which is possible since Meteor 1.2

@yazeedsam We use Crosswalk in combination with a PeerJs fork, because the official one isn’t maintained anymore. On Android I had some issues with PhoneRTC, it crashed on every call.

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thanks for Reply
did you have any stagnation to make chat video between web side and mobile side and save that video :smile: