I have some errors in my project,Expected one of: <body>, <head>, <template>

I have definded two templates,but it can show some error ,the reasons are as follows

please help me!I don‘t have any way to deal with it

this is html code

Probably it cannot find the file client/main.html

If you have got a repo you can share to show the file structure I’ll help you more.

my project structure is as follows

Well you confused as hell bro that’s react and blaze together. The main.jsx is react code and the main.html you have blaze.

Best you start with a starter app, and go from there.

I seem to understant, I will try it , thank you very much!

Ok man, if you need help come back here and I’ll try my best to answer. Take care now

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Hey @jock, I think the best way to get started with Meteor is by taking our course at Meteor University. Take a look!

ok,I will take a look

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