I launched to PH a service to help those who are struggling with iOS review guidelines and got rejected by Apple

Hey guys, so I think this a good place to post this project of mine, I’m really hoping to not do spam just trying to share what I did. I’ve just published iosaprovall.com to product hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/iosaprovall and I wanted to share it with this forum such as I think someone might be interested in checking it out. What iOSaprovall is meant for, is for saving you guys some time, by knowing in full depth all the iOS guideline documentation and had already experienced fixing other apps related to review declined app issues, we expect to fix your app so it can get published to Apple App Store.I created iOSaprovall and hoping to work with some other partners in the future. So this project is very fresh and we don’t know the best solution yet neither we are the best at this, but we do expect to give this project a try and to make the best work we can. Also If you wanna know more about this project or why did I create it, you can look in the comment section on the post of Product Hunt, there’s a more detailed explanation. Feel free to ask anything and I think you can give me some really useful feedback, which I would really appreciate

nice :拥抱: Meteor or react native app is ok?