I love Meteor however I always end up using Wordpress


I absolutely love Meteor, it’s such a great platform to work with as I find working with JS so fun, however I never seem to get to use it… The issue is that I’m always getting small projects to medium sized projects and I will usually have about 3 weeks to complete a project on average. My client will start listing features that they would like such as testimonials, blog, product listing feature and the list goes on. So then I think to myself with Wordpress all of the features are available either out of the box or as one click plugins however the user experience suffers because certain plugins might not work the exact way you need it to.

I’d love to use Wordpress with Meteor so that Wordpress can do what it does best such as Blogging and general CMS whilst being able to use the huge variety of plugins. I find that some Wordpress plugin companies focus on their plugin’s 7 days a week 365 days a year so it is so hard to make a feature of your Meteor app anywhere close to being as good as what the Wordpress marketplace has to offer.

I feel like I can create amazing user experiences with Meteor were as Wordpress development is pretty slow and you are limited on what is possible from a UX standpoint.

Basically to cut to the chase I love Meteor because it enables me to create really unique and engaging customer experiences in the fraction of the time compared to many other frameworks however it just doesn’t have features out of the box like Wordpress does, I know that Atmosphere is available however most of the time it doesn’t have what I need.

I’d love to use Wordpress for the CMS & Blog of my Meteor Applications by just injecting Meteor into my Wordpress website however then you bump into certain issues because what if you need to use a function from Wordpress within your Meteor app… let’s say I have customer testimonials that are generated by a Wordpress plugin but I would like to display the data within my Meteor app on the front end, it starts to get confusing because the two platforms are on completely different stacks.

Does anybody here use Meteor with Wordpress in a seamless way? Or is there a better option to this that I just don’t know about? I basically want the same functionality out of the box with my Meteor apps as I do Wordpress.

Thanks for your time, Nick


Nick, As per my best knowledge - what you are looking forward isn’t possible.Currently we are working on an Open Source CMS which is based on Meteor and uses react.js (https://github.com/DeligenceTechnologies/Panoplycms). It should be available in beta version in next month (July).


I think this comes down to using the right tool for the job.

It all depends on where your client’s site falls on the <--app-----------website--> spectrum.

For the most part, I find myself trying to stretch my CMS of choice too far into app territory. This is because it’s far easier to build a performant site using something like a server-rendered CMS. Taking into account maintenance, performance (speed and SEO), and speed of build; a CMS like Wordpress (or Statamic in my case) wins any day.

To all intents and purposes, Meteor is a SPA, which is not really the right sort of tool for a content focussed site. Where there are high levels of interactivity and dynamic pages changes is the correct environment.

Build sites with a CMS, sprinkling some JS goodness in the form of Vue or React components; and only move to a fully-fledged app when you absolutely have to!

Just my two pence worth.