I’m trying to check if a name is part of my excel sheet

Hi everyone,

I’m new in Meteor. I’m trying to upload my excel file that contains a list of users with their ID and information, from that excel file I would like to build a simple mobile app that will check when a search by name or ID if it is part of my data.


Hi @rjdavid,

Thank you for taking time to answer my question, I clicked on the ling, but it gives me a bunch of example that do not resolve my situation

you can save your excel to csv, then import the csv to your meteor mongodb.

After that you can build your apps using meteor with your mongodb data

I have a project that is suppose to upload an Excel file using meteor, I am coding using Atom, attached is the image of my project and the actual directories.

  1. The Excel file location is on my Desktop
  2. How do I use meteor to access the file, do I save the file somewhere on the directories for meteor to be able to access it?
  3. I have seen some of the examples using Jason, but I don’t understand how they are using the path to the actual Excel file.
  4. In the future the app will have to automatically download the Excel file every 24 H for update


You need to have an interface to upload the file in your meteor apps.

If you want to save the file within metoer folder, you need to save inside a folder name start with dot “.” so meteor will not watch that folder and restart every time there is any file changes inside that folder.

Else you need to save the file outside meteor folder and use npm “fs” package to read that file in meteor.

Thank you @chongwang

  1. would the folder be under the client or server directory?
  2. could you point me to some example code?

@chongwang I want to import the Excel then be able to search the file by certain criteria, by using a search form. Right now I followed the tutorial that allows you to search on your computer then the file is upload on the webpage.
I want to save the file without having the user seeing the file, the only function it could do is search for a name in the file