I need a meteor friend


Hello, I’m a new developer who just started learning meteor about two weeks ago. I am having so much fun with the framework because I had no idea I could learn this much skills and be this ahead of my planned schedule in such a short time.

The learning is very interesting because I meet a lot of hurdles everyday, but after a few struggles, I’m able to solve my problem and learn something new on the way.

The process can sometimes be daunting since I’m in Africa and don’t have a lot of resources around me. I therefore have to search the web for hours and hours before coming across the solution to a problem that was apparently very easy.

In view of my struggles and my hope to reduce them, I am politely seeking a meteor friend who I can communicate with often to ask question, maybe answer some of their own, compare code, maybe set up a group project together.

I am not necessarily looking for an expert. An intermediary person or a slightly advance beginner will be great to work with.

I hope i find someone, love.


Perhaps you might consider the meteor-mentor group (aka meteoruniversity):