I need help on architecture for a distributed app


Hi everybody…
Im facing a situation here where i have to build a management tool for a school.Since the technologies we use currently allow it, i wish to make a desktop app managed by the admin of the school which will serve for allowing /denying permissions to different kinds of users.

Basically the different users will be:Teachers,Students,Management Staff(boss ),SuperAdmin.

My idea is all those users will have access to the school system through their mobile,
Teachers will get their schedule,assigned classes and tools to calculate average …whence they are done with their datas the app will send a request to the school server to update the datas.SuperAdmin will manage the datas and backup the datas on an external server(notably the app builder/provider).

So my question is this how should i go about doing this.Most of te schools in my country are pretty archaic and do not have an IT configuration(servers VPN and alike).if it is from the software engeeneering side of things i think i should write the builder/provider website,also build the mobile client which will be connected to the desktop client for the school.the admin will set up tasks for the teachers,schedules for the students which they will see on their phones and once in a while the school database is backed up in a small size files(json documents maybe?).

how can i set up a network for the school so that even outside it these users can connect to their school datas and from the builder perspective still be able to send in updates for the software and licence blocking if their licence expired(school licence to use the tools should be paid yearly)…

i hope i didnt confuse you guys…Please advise poor little me who wants to make it in a place where us smart people are dumbed down and fools run the place…Yeah its Africa folks…:slight_smile: