I need help troubleshooting my DNS settings for Galaxy

I’ve followed all the steps and I even tested locally by adding an ip pointing to my domain in the hosts file, and it worked.

I’m using default nameservers on my registrar and added a CNAME record for subdomain www. That should be it, right? Yet my site isn’t working.

Most DNS lookups loke fine (I think) but Pingdom returns an error saying “Delegation not found at parent”.


Can someone post their domain hosted on Galaxy so I can check for differences in our DNS lookups?

Please log a support ticket from within Galaxy and our support engineers will help diagnose your DNS issue!

It looks like your site is coming up for me:

Might just be a DNS cache issue on your side?

Ah that’s useful to know. I checked around and it’s down for some and up for others. I’m guessing it will take some time before it starts working like normal again. Thanks!