I need help with a project of mine


Hi, my dev made a testportal.meteor.com I now got the files how do I either upload this to a host or your host I need to be able to upload this however I can’t seem to figure out how I am not clever when it comes to this please help


Here’s a Tutorial on how to deploy your app on Digital Ocean:

Hope this helps.
I did it this way.


he did it free that tells me to pay for something why ?


here’s a nice youtube video on how to do it


If you want free hosting then follow this http://docs.meteor.com/#/full/meteordeploy

It’s really simple just meteor deploy <site-name>. I think you need a meteor developer account, though(Which is free).


Not sure if i understand you correctly, but you do not want to host your app on meteor.com, right?

Hosting on Meteor:
Hosting on meteor.com is free, but more suited to quickly get a prototype out there. For testing or a first presentation.
It’s not supposed for production. (Meaning, not really suited if you want to publish your app and let tons of users interact with it on a daily basis.)

Hosting elsewhere:
Hosting your app with a host like Digital Ocean would be the correct approach.
But thats not free and it’s not as simple, as writing “meteor deploy”.