I need help with aldeed:tabular

Hi guys,

im using aldeed:tabular and im trying to show a “loading menssage” with this properties:

"sProcessing" : "Loading data....",
"sLoadingRecords" : "Searching documents...."

But nothing seems to happen

I also followed the examples from DataTables



Do you have the processing property set to true?

"processing": true

Yep, i did… still the same.

Seems like the table is rendered 2 times, 1st time load the “loading” row, second one a blank table…

its just an easy example the minimun code…

@jamesewatkins have you used it ? and worked for you ?


Using meteor-tabular (0.2.3), it works like a charm for me. I do use a custom publication, but I’m not sure if that’s a variable in it or not.

But just quickly trying it out with meteorpad, it doesn’t appear to work with the latest out there. http://meteorpad.com/pad/rdTPXiYfxBZKTnDor/Tabular%20Test

New question on this topic: I am trying to get aldeed:tabular and aldeed:collection2 hooked up with Datatables Editor (https://editor.datatables.net/), including type and validation info, and error reporting. Has anyone successfully hooked all this up, and if so is there a working code sample?

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Did you ever get Editor to work with Meteor and Tabular?