I need help with my APP

hello friends, I created my whatzapp the meteor, but I can not register phones, he says it’s invalid. Who can help me, I need to do to work ?.
Segueo link my app. http://whatzapp.meteor.com

Sorry, I didn’t really understand the question. What specifically are you having trouble with?


I tried to register my number. It got registered successfully. I provided my Country Code (+91) followed by a space and the 10 Digit Mobile Number. The Message I got is - “We have sent you an SMS with code…”

Sanjay Kumar

I can not cell register, the invalid number. Example: (55) 098-98723-9060. this is the number of my cell phone, see if you can and how it would be right.
I appreciate the help.
follow the link from my app. http://whatzapp.meteor.com/

You’ll need to use +55 98-98723-9060. I believe Zero is not needed as the Country Code is given. The app is accepting + followed by the Country Code, and not accepting Brackets :wink:

Sanjay Kumar

friends ask code to complete registration, but not enough SMS for activation. what it can be? test it there. here I do not get the code on my phone. thank you. follow the link from my app. http://whatzapp.meteor.com