I need helps setting up push notifications


Hi guys,

So I am quite frustrated at this point and I will love any help I can at this point. I have a web application and I have created an accompanying android and ios app. I want to send push notifications to users of the apps when they receive a message from someone.

I am using this package: https://github.com/raix/push

This all looks good but I am having trouble finding the GCM api key and the project ID. I cannot find anywhere to sign up for the Google Cloud Messaging and what project ID are they requesting? is this from my app (on the play store) or is this for another Cloud messaging project. I cannot seem to find straight forward step by step instructions on how to obtain these identifiers so I can use them (on android).

Please any information to clear this up will be much appreciated


This should help:

I was able to setup my Android push notifications using these instructions about a month ago, so they are still valid.


@tyusupov How did you test this on an actual device? I am having problems with that. Did you push this to production and and then attempt sending push notifications or where you able to to do this on dev?

Is it also possible to test this in an emulator?

Thanks for your response


I tested by deploying the app on meteor.com first and then running something like this:

  from: 'test app',
  title: 'hello',
  text: 'hello world',
  query: {}

this delivered a push message from all users of the app.

If you have insecure package enabled, you can even do that from the browser console, otherwise you’ll have to run this on the server.

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@tyusupov Thanks a lot you have been very helpful

How do I register my device or the users of the app? is this automatic using the raix plugin. Also does the notifications only show when I am logged into the app?


Yes, I think notifications will be pushed automatically to all users of the app - there’s no need to register separately, once the plugin is installed and the app is deployed to the client.

I’m not sure if you need to be logged in to get a message - try it out.


Hi,I did the same.I am able to receive messages,but there is a latency,but immediately I should receive the notification.Help me