I need ideas for a simple web app at a workshop


My company [KidzIdeazTECH] (http://kidzideaz.tech) is going to have an exhibit at the Maker Faire (www.makerfaire.com) in NYC on October 1st and 2nd. My exhibit will be a hands-on hourly sessions for kids to come in, learn some basic coding skills, and build assigned parts of an app.

The idea is that kids with no experience will learn some basics in HTML + CSS, and those who know JavaScript will learn Meteor basics. They will work in tandem to build out a working app during the Faire.

What I need from the Meteor community are suggestions for a simple but cool app that the kids could build.

During the Faire, the code will be published hourly to a public GitHub repository, as well as a Galaxy server.

If any of you are visiting Maker Faire, please stop by and visit my exhibit.

Thanks in advance for all the suggestions!

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A collaborative story-writing app, where a group of users get a writing prompt, and take turns adding to the story. Would work kind of like a controlled chat app, but the stories are publicly viewable when they are completed.

A simple facebook clone. Can be as basic as being able to add friends and make your own wall of posts.

Hangman game


That’s really interesting! We were really hoping to do a multiplayer game, leveraging Meteor’s reactivity.

A cool multiplayer “game” could be a competition between a few people, who each see a paragraph of text, and have to input the text as quickly as possible on their phones (with a larger display reflecting their progress on something like keyup. Rate the character count and accuracy and declare a winner.

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A fun thing is to write a collaborative poem.
Each player takes a turn to add a line, while able only to see the preceding one.

The game ends when each player has written N lines.

Starting with a first verse, visible to all, to set the meter, perhaps read out loud, can help to make the end result more coherent.

(P.S. I suppose it’s not a surprise to anyone that ‘faire’ is French for ‘to make’?)

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A multi-player word association game http://www.classicgamesandpuzzles.com/Associations.html. With timers and points and leaderboards and many people playing together.

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Very interesting. We could build a spinner wheel with canvas to choose the theme and starting verse.

And no, I was not aware of that “Faire” is French for “to make”. That’s really cool!

:blush: I’m ridiculously pleased you like the idea.
An alternative to the “spinner wheel” … a random number generator for:

  1. pick the verse
  2. pick the first player
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How about a basic chat app with multiples rooms?

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All of the party games by http://jackboxgames.com are short, fun, and I’ve always thought could be easily replicated with Meteor. And they could be excellent illustrations of a multi-user reactive app.

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