I need some advice on how to build this app please

I’m building a recipe management app. I want this to be placed on app.pestleapp.com, but I also want the main website to feature some of the usual stuff, probably including forums, feature list, maybe stuff like bug reporting and feature request and up / down voting. What I’m trying to figure out is if I should try and build it all in meteor or keep the main site as something like Wordpress then with the meteor app on app.pestleapp.com. I would also build the app to iOS and Android too with the main website.

The main problem with separating it is that I’d really rather not make people register for the app and then again for stuff like the forum but I don’t know how much of a pain it’ll be to integrate a Wordpress login with the meteor mongo db. Which makes me want to build it all in meteor. But I wanted some advice from a crowd with more expense in meteor then me.

Thanks so much for you input!

I’m a Wordpress guru, and getting pretty good at Meteor. My site is all setup at www.SkyRooms.IO (meteor site).

If you don’t know how to code in Meteor today, expect a 1 year learning curve to be ‘production ready’. Well, that is if you have weak JS / nodeJS skills like I did.

Wordpress is great. Install a few plugins and BAM, you have your site up and running, great looking theme.

Meteor is FANTASTIC. But. No themes. There are some plugins, but configuring them… oh boy. Good luck.

Now - there are some Wordpress App Builders that are starting to get REALLY good. Essentially it’s a completely native app that pulls content from xmlrcp.php on Wordpress, filling your app. You can do all sortsa neat stuff this way.

Personally, I’d recommend you to Wordpress.

I’d also recommend Meteor. It’s the future. It’s way faster, better, etc. I love it.

Steep learning curve. Pick a plan and execute.



As per Skyrooms - WP has all that and more
As for a Meteor version, I’d start with customising Vulcan/Telescope and coding/getting coded features/packages as needed

@SkyRooms @pal Thanks for your input.

I probably wasn’t clear enough but I am building the app in meteor. What I need input on is how to integrate wp into meteor and if that’s the best option. I want to use wp (or some similar cms style site) for the front site which would include stuff like feature list, forums etc, all the normal app website stuff. With the app.xxx being the meteor app which runs online and I would build out for iOS and Android too. What I’m worried about is being able to integrate the wp login with meteor so they only have to have one account which is used for both the app and stuff like forum and support in wp. I’m also wondering is it’ll be a problem to have the app on a subdomain?

It’s a pretty open question really but I’m just looking for general direction from people who know much more than I do. There might be big problems I haven’t foreseen or easy solutions I don’t know about. I don’t know if there are any good packages for meteor which might rival wp? I’m a designer in my day job so I’m not worried about needing themes to apply as I can design and code that stuff myself.

Thanks for the tip of Vulcan/Telescope, I’ll check them out.

Thanks so much.

Ahhh, okay got it.

app.yourdomain.com is easy, just point your Cname to Meteor galaxy and it’ll work. Easy pz.

As for sharing accounts, just build yourself an API and that’s easy too. Meteor is really easy to work with their default account package. It’s really great.

So you do this:

ajax request to yourdomain.com/wp-ajax.php?action=meteor_authenticate&username=johnsnow&password=somepass

Have that process in Wordpress. Wordpress will return a true or false value. Probably attach a reason code to it too.

Meteor waits for the ajax to come back, it’s true or false and you’re set. Make sure to do this authentication on the SERVER side of Meteor, and everything should be https.

Something like that should get you started.

@SkyRooms Thanks so much!

I’m sure once I start trying to get it work I’ll need some more help so I hight have to give you a shout then, I hope that’s okay.

Good luck dude! Gonna be a loooong road

You may find this video and associated API useful.

@robfallows Looks like it could be perfect, thanks!

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