I need to install meteor 1.8 in raspberry 3


I have a project to move to a raspberry and I have not been able to find an installable version greater than 1.7 since I am using specific packetes from this version onwards if someone can help me describing how to solve this I would appreciate it

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Interesting. What if you install meteor without mongodb?


The easiest path here is to run Meteor from a checkout, rather than running an official release.

You will also want to rebuild the dev bundle for the Armv8 architecture. Unfortunately, I anticipate this will require some changes to the scripts/generate-dev-bundle.sh script.

Really curious to hear how this goes, if you decide to dig into it!


Heads up: building Mongo for ARM is going to be tricky, but appears doable: https://medium.com/@mattalord/embedded-mongodb-4-0-on-raspberry-pi-e50fd1d65e43