I need translations. Do you need translations?


Hi guys,

I need to translate my meteor project (www.fulbacho.net) from English to German and Dutch, but I don’t speak any of these languages. So, I thought it would be cool if we can ‘exchange translations’… My mother tongue is Spanish, so if someone needs to translate his project from English to Spanish, I would be glad to help you if in return you translate my project from English to Dutch (or German). In case you are interested, please send me a private message with your email so that I can add you to my lingohub project.

Also, it would be nice to keep this threat alive so that any time someone needs some translations, just put the name of his/her project here and we all contribute with the translations :blush:



hola, veo que sos argentino igual que yo, usaste el paquete i18n?


me anote en tu pagina, realmente me encanta!


(I write in English so that everybody can understand :smile:) Yes, I’m also from Argentina, and I use TAP:i18n! it’s really handy! And I found lingoHub pretty useful because you can simply drop the json file and start translating right away. Glad you like the site. BTW, are you from Necochea? I’ve been working on this project since January and now I’m pretty happy with the results. It’s my first meteor app after all. Let’s see how far we can go :smile:



uff! is a good web app for the first, i programming a version of www.draconomicom.com, i have a problem with the upload file, but meteor is the best, i come of laravel (framework of php), i need tap 18 in the future need traslation of english, (my girlfriend is theacher of english). add me to facebook levan lacroix for exchange information and tutorial please!. saludos.