I want to help to translate the docs


Hi, i’ve been using Meteor for over a year now. I’m from Mexico and a friend and i want to expand the Meteor community in our city, and among spanish speaking developers. There are a couple of good resources already in spanish like the discover meteor book, and i’m already working in my own tutorial, but I think it would be nice and more appealing if the official documentation, tutorial and guide were also available in spanish, so i thought i could help translate them.
I 'd like to know if there is some collaboration guidelines for this?, or if someone is already doing it?, i noticed there is a branch for the guide repo named translation-es, but i don’t think it has anything translated yet; or should i just fork the project and start the translation myself?
I hope i can be of help and if anyone else is interested in translating the docs their help will be appreciated.


I think that’s a great idea. @tmeasday do we have any plans for letting people translate the docs in the near future, or should they just start with a fork and then we’ll figure it out later?


Right now I think it makes the most sense to focus on the guide.

As you’ve seen, there’s a branch for spanish translations, ready to receive PRs! Once people have made significant contributions, we’ll figure out a model for maintainers / etc.

So in the meantime, send through PRs!


Cool, then i’ll start working on it. Thank you for your answers.


Just in case anyone comes across this post. There is already a discussion about this here:

Shame on me for not searching the issues before =P


I think that was for the guide. It’s related, but not exactly the same. Maybe you meant the guide and not the docs?