I want to share my open source app made with Meteor 🚀

Hi everyone! I made oorja.io - use Chrome

Its an app to quickly connect and collaborate with people by sharing a link. Its got video and voice chat thanks to WebRTC, and uses the newly available dynamic imports to add more functionality in an awesome way (seriously dynamic imports FTW).

Here’s the GitHub link :smiley:
It is extensible by design. I’ve put some effort in documentation, hopefully I’ll see some contributions from this community.

Cheers :heart:


Oh wouw. This looks very simple indeed. Definitely something I would consider using and maybe even support! Can you tell us a little bit about the security aspects? I have some clients / colleagues, etc that require secure channels, encryption etc.

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About security, all communications video/voice happens over WebRTC, encryption is a mandatory feature of WebRTC. So as long the Room you create is shared with trusted people, things will be secure.

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The site looks great! Did you use a WebRTC framework or library?

I use Licode. You can read the project-overview over here.

If I was Google, I would buy your project!
…and replace Hangouts :slight_smile:


Wow thanks! that means a lot to me. You can make it even better by contributing :innocent:

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How long did this take you? What were some of the biggest challenges? How did you solve them?

You should write a series of blog posts / tutorials about making this.


That’s amazing, i love it! :slight_smile:

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Just registered here and this is the first thread I notice.

Just visited the link and… I’m really impressed. Keep up the great work, mate.

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That is really impressive! great work buddy, goes to show what the right tech in the right hands can do. I’ll be using this, it’s open source, meteor and better then Google hangout !

If you look at the code, the view layer is using react, importing many NPM packages, dynamic imports, ES6 and leveraging cultofcoders:redis-oplog library, all the characteristic of modern Meteor app, and it works, enabling solo developers to match and exceed the work of cooperations in their side projects :wink:


This is really nice! :slight_smile: Something I would consider using with my team working remotely. Would love if there was a pad for for drawing simple design mockups for brainstorming over the call since thats something we often struggle with. (Maybe I should make it myself since its open source!)

Ps. I would recommend you to work a bit on the branding and design details. Maybe hire or get a good designer involved to work on it. I like what you have but branding and details could be better to get more people onboard.

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Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts. I’ll be improving this project in my free time. Meanwhile if anyone experiences any error or inconvenience I urge you to reach out/email.

And yes the app is extensible. There are docs linked in the README on how to contribute. Some working knowledge of react is all you need.

Thumbs way up, thank you for sharing!!

Wow man, it’s really awesome :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
Thank you very much for sharing!

Excellent work @pikachu , I’m keen to dig into this project as I have recently done another project using WebRTC and it’s very exciting technology.

Setting up the Meteor app on my local is easy, but now I need to set up licode to make it work, which looks like a barrier to entry - is there any chance of setting up a public server for demo purposes? I could help with that if you are willing

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I’ve created a docker image for licode so that it is quick to setup.

Hey everyone, been almost a year since I first shared my app here. I’ve recently done some serious refactoring and improvements for the app.

  • Upgrade to react 16
  • SSR for landing page
  • Lots of UI improvements
  • Modular code (Its amazing how bad your old code looks after just a few months)
  • Licode setup is now optional, and I’m planning on adding an interface for media servers. For now I’m using simple-peer.