i18n in Meteor: Requirements and Proposals

I’ve pulled together a requirements document and some initial proposals for a Meteor-standard i18n/l10n solution (that’s making your app support several user languages automatically) and it seemed right to put it on Hackpad as it’s a core proposal. I wasn’t able to find any existing written proposals/design docs please let me know if there are any. I haven’t taken it upon myself to actually build such a thing but it can be helpful to contribute specifications. I am not affiliated with MDG, this is just a community contribution and not “official” in any sense.

Please add requirements and/or proposals or criticize the existing ones there or here as you wish. Requirements focus on What and Why, and Proposals focus on How.

I do think this is a priority as it has the potential to affect every line of code we write and I prefer to write lines of code only once. And the ecosystem as a whole should have a single integrated i18n solution so the packages are cleanly composable across languages. Yes I know about 3rd party packages such as tap:i18n and find them inadequate in their present form as a platform standard. With Windows support for Meteor motivated by global reach we ought to make multilingual development comfortable for our new arrivals.

Thank you! ¡Muchas gracias! Danke schoen! Merci beaucoup! Spasibo! Domo arigato! Etc… :yum:

i18n in Meteor (on Hackpad)

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