Iced CoffeeScript anybody?

Was thinking about dropping it in for a replacement, plug-in for Coffeescript. ES7 proposed destructuring assignment is supported, which mean some of the advanced assignment {…props } stuff will work, and it’s everywhere in React.

I know you probably don’t like Coffeescript, but I find indentation so powerful when tab-indenting logic around, it’s just faster abd I like it and I’m so use it to it.


I love coffee syntax and how good they look and reduce the line count by half. I find using both indentation and braces redundant, distracting and waste of screen space.

But I’ll use it only if I’m 100% sure I’m the only one who’s going to work on that project. To write coffee, people should learn js well and then learn coffee stuff. Most developers don’t spend time for something they can already do with js only because it looks pretty. And debugging coffee is not the same as debugging js.

I don’t understand the need for coffeescript tbh. With a babel transpiler, it should be easy enough to write ES7 plain

… Indentation, English in expressions… Still cleaner IMHO.