[Idea] Request authorization to update incompatible packages



I’m posting this here because it is not (yet) a feature request. So, the main idea is to require a confirmation when running ‘meteor update’ and the package new version is incompatible.

Maybe we can set this as a flag on our package.js, that the new version is doing this, and request the user to approve this. Or at least we could print a message when this flag is true. I’m saying this because now that we’ve reached 1.0, a lot of packages maintainers are upgrading to new stable versions and making the old ones not working. I’ve a terrible experience today to debug why my upload was crashing, because no error was shown.

So, what do you guys think? Any other ideas to solve this?


The new constraint solver in Meteor 1.1 will do this! You’re in luck. It counts packages as incompatible if there is a major version bump.


That’s amazing! Thanks!