Idea to improve Meteor Night (audio issues)

I noticed the audio levels for the Meteor Night recordings tend to be all over the place, and it’s very difficult to hear what the speakers are saying. I’m wondering if it makes sense, once the livestream is done, to grab that video, re-process the audio to make it more even in volume, then re-upload a fresh video?

I’m happy to donate my time once a month to fixing the audio levels and making them consistent. It takes me about 10-15 minutes. EDIT: Oops… not including the 45-60 minutes rendering time in Adobe Premiere. :wink: But still, I’m happy to do this if MDG is open to that.

Hey unfortunately we had a problem with our audio setup this time. We usually have a very different setup so it was a one-off issue.

We do always send the video to an editing company after so hopefully they can fix it!