Ideal Meteor Development Box?


I have a 2012 macbook pro that I am developing meteor 1.4 using react and sass. As my application has grown, the startup speed of meteor has grown to 1.5 minutes, deployment is almost 10 minutes and most importantly, the hot code refresh speed is about 30 seconds for any changes that I save.

30 seconds after each save can be really annoying when I am trying to track down a bug, has anyone tried developing on a laptop versus a skylake desktop computer? I am trying to get a sense of whether this is a problem with my workflow or whether I really should be using a desktop. What is the startup and refresh speed primarily limited by? CPU speed? Do more cores help? How about the amount and speed of the memory?

As an aside, are there any good guides for setting up the visual studio debugger? I am hoping that could really ramp up my development speed if I can step through the code instead of console.logging everything.



That’s really strange. Try running meteor reset occasionally to clear the local cache.


An SSD would be the number one thing I’d look for in any replacement laptop.


Thanks! I have one in my computer already, and I totally agree. I measure the development of computers as before and after I got an SSD. :smiley:


I don’t think your build time issues have anything to do with your dev box. I’ve got the same issues with a 2014 macbook pro with high-end specs. It appears to be a Meteor build system issue and there isn’t much you can do to reduce build times. If you’re working with React you could look at developing your frontend with webpack separate from your backend and then using one of the DDP clients to connect to your meteor server. Other than that I’m not sure there is much you can do to speed things up :frowning:


Meteor 1.4.2 should bring some serious reload performance improvements


Currently, if you have major problems with build times you can give webpack a try.
Yet, “plug-to-go” plugins are currently poorly supported, so it might cause overhead.
Client rebuilds of 1-5 sec may worth anyway…


See also:


I have a 2013 MBP and with Meteor 1.4.2-beta the build times for my app are quite reasonable now. It takes 30-50 seconds to start and then 2-5 seconds for code reloads when I change something. While that’s still not perfect, it’s usable :slight_smile:.