Ideas to display graphical map with Meteor

Hello all,

I’m quite new to meteor and am in the process of getting a grasp of it. We’re working on a project which inolves a certain page to display a bunch of connected devices, just like a networking map overview.

What I’d like to know is, if something like this can be built using meteor. And if so, are there any existing packages that do the needful…


I would say yes.

Hmm - not sure about that, especially in the wider NPM world. However, what I would say is that MongoDB may not be the best choice for that requirement (unless the diagram is pretty simple). You will probably make life easier if you take a look at Neo4J. Some people are using that successfully with Meteor.

Thank you! I will take a quick look at neo4J. I
chanced upon CytoscapeJS to see if it will somehow cater to the
requirements. For now, all we need is a simple graphical representation
of devices, a quick mouseover on the nodes should reveal certain basic
info such as device state etc.

The app will be more so generic rather than have a graph heavy inerface. The graph only comes as an informative addition.

At a later point in time, we may even switch to the app being
primarily a graphical one where in users can add devices and nodes
purely based on the graph. But that is not our primary goal within the
forseeable future.

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I would encourage you to separate out your problems. Get a nice reactive real-time updating table view of the device states working, then worry about making the display pretty. Unless you’ve already got the text based monitoring capability, I’d only be looking at something like CytoscapeJS this early for the purpose of considering the information I need to get into that table to eventually support the graph view.

I’m curious as to how you plan to approach the data gathering. Are you displaying data that is already being collected and available on a server in your organization? If not, and if there is no one device that contains the information, you will have a decision point as to whether to collect the data onto a server or directly collect it with your client. With the latter, you’re very much in an Internet Of Things problem domain and I think meteor has a largely untapped potential to shine there.