Identify this meteor

In 2013 when I went to visit some of my parents friends in Colorado and the found a meteor took it to the museum and they basically told them it was priceless and urged them to donate a price so the cut three little prices off and took one and left my parents friend with the big piece and two little ones upon this I was given a little piece so I need help identifying the type of meteor and value (70.4 grams)


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Can you tell what version of Node.js it uses? Maybe if you deploy it to Galaxy some more evidence will show up.


If it’s indeed of extraterrestrial origin, then what you have is the remains of a meteorite, since by definition, meteors burn up entirely in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Meteorites range from almost entirely iron to almost entirely rocky. Yours looks like it’s mainly iron. I’m assuming it’s quite heavy and a magnet will stick to it?

As to value, I suspect your parent’s friends were told it was worthless, not priceless. Its monetary value will be that of the couple of ounces of iron it contains. Otherwise it will only have personal, curiosity value to you.

Hope that helps. However, this is not a forum for discussing that sort of “meteor”, so I’m locking this topic.