Idle MDG blog? - I love reading about stuff MDG!


I’m wondering. The Meteor blog seems to have little updates. I loved reading updates even if they are small and sometimes even a bit offtopic. It also gives the feeling that stuff is happening in MDG land.

Can anyone tell me why there are less updates and articles? Did I miss anything?


Most of the development team moved on to their other product, Apollo. Meteor does not have much forward momentum at the moment.


There is actually quite a bit going in Meteor development, albeit not ground breaking stuff like it once was, but still keeping pretty current and even adding some new and awesome features from time to time. I personally just “watch” the meteor repository on GitHub to receive updates on what is going on. I find that to be the easiest way to keep up to date.

Also the community is always working on pretty great stuff as well which makes Meteor pretty awesome.


@abecks, being a bit melodramatic there :slight_smile:
I think progress is there like @copleykj, but more on the incremental side. Community is contributing more.


There is actually a lot going on, I keep close eye on Github as others mentioned.