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I am a first-time poster so be gentle =D. My Meteor App is not usable in IE. I should of started testing this sooner.

Here is the App:


When you click on Create New Patient you cant fill out any info if you are using IE. Please help. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Any leads would be helpful. I am using bootstraps Grid.

You’re safe this time. First-time posters are only in season just after spring break :smiley:

Now, if you ask the users here to be opening the app and doing the debug for you, you won’t get many volunteers. Understandably so. Also, there are fewer devs using Windows + IE. Mac & Linux is prevalent in the world of Node.js / Meteor development.

I suggest to try and debug yourself first, using the dev tools available in IE (if I remember correctly, it’s Alt + F12), and look for errors in the console, or weird CSS bugs. Then come back if you find anything that you can’t fix yourself.

You might even discover that it’s s Z-index issue or similar.

Or maybe offer a bounty / present.

I feel for you and for everyone else who still has to support this wretched relic.

works fine for me. Also in IE. I’m using latest IE11 on win10. Maybe you can try on a different PC and see if there is anything different?

i can’t submit the form though but i guess that’s just not implemented yet, as saving is also not working in chrome or firefox.

Hey @chris74656 and @illustreets ,
I really appreciate your feedback and taking your time to help me. I think I figured out most of the issues I was having.

Seems like IE renders padding in a weird way so you have to overwrite the height of the field boxes in IE.

That had nothing to do with Meteor.

This next thing may though. I am getting this error when I submit a form on IE:
Error: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘reportValidity’

So this happens when I click save in IE.

The save button should work in both chrome and firefox I just tested it. Any insight on why IE is erroring out and what not would be awesome. Have you guys ever had this issue on form submit?

chrome and firefox give a Server Error 500 for me? but maybe it’s just because i just used some random test data which couldn’t be handled. but that’s a different story.

IE not recognizing reportValidity is easily explained. There is no support for it:
as IE has been dropped by MS there won’t ever be support for it.

The 500 error is coming from you not using an Email in the Email field. So how should I check if a field is valid? What is best practice with meteor?

Search for SimpleSchema

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