IE10 Error (maybe due to sockjs / commonjs / ...)

Due to reasons I do not understand, some of my (B2B) users still use IE10.
After a recent update to Meteor, the new babel runtime and all that, I’ve got a new error:

Object doesn't support property or method '_initCommon'

The error itself looks a bit like this:

[...] n.export({ClientStream:function(){return
f=function(t){function e(e,n){var
r;return(,n)||this)._initCommon(r.options) [...]

I know this might not help, but that’s the only info I have right now. Does anybody have any input on this? :):slight_smile:

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Did you work this one out? I’m getting the same error in IE10.

This should be fixed by the same changes that fixed this problem:

The root of the problem is that Babel was generating code for class inheritance that didn’t work in IE10 (and earlier), until this PR was merged and released today:

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Thank you, worked perfect

Thanks a bunch! Will try this asap!
One question to you @benjamn: Bugs/Problems like this one - is it better to post it here in the help forum or would it be better to post this as a github issue?

Raising a GitHub issue is the only way an issue becomes official. There’s no harm in cross-posting into the forums as well - someone may have a workaround or solution, in which case the issue can be updated accordingly.